Questions about careers in Plantiff's Law

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Questions about careers in Plantiff's Law

Postby David Macintosh » Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:26 pm


I am a man of multi-racial ancestry who has always been interested in legal issues and racial issues. I am interested in persuing a career in Plantiff's law with a specialty in Discrimination Lawsuits. I am interested in not only race discrimination, but also age and disability discrimination.To anyone who who is knowledgeable about this specialty, my questions are the following:

1. What type of law school is best for such a career path?

2. Upon graduating law school, which of these options is best for training to be a "Discrimination Ambulance Chaser": Non profit dealing with race or disability issues, small Plantiff's law firm, or Big Law firm that has a department dealing with such lawsuits.

On the one hand, the first two will give me direct experience representing Plantiff's relatively quickly, while the third pays better initially and allows me to get some experience on the other side (defending corporations).

3. What are salary ranges for entry level attorney's at small Plantiff's law firms?

4. What type of income is possible, once you start your own firm and manage to gain some large cases?

Any assistance would be tremendously appreciated.


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