Going to the same school with my boyfriend?

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Re: Going to the same school with my boyfriend?

Postby ajmanyjah » Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:19 pm

let/them/eat/cake wrote:
mindybluehammer wrote:Are there really people of the opinion that if you aren't at a 170+ then you shouldn't bother going to ls?

What percentile is 170? like 95

It's more than 95%, but let's just say for sake of argument, the top 5% of folks who take the LSAT should go to law school is the argument. 5% of the amount of people who take the LSAT in a given year (approx. 145k people?) is about, what, approximately 7-8k jobs or so, depending on amout of people. That sounds about right to me.

That of course presumes perfect correlation between LSAT score and LS/job search success, which of course isn't the case, but looking prospectively going into law school, you should just assume it is, instead of just hoping to be an anomaly.

It also assumes no retakes.

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