"Participation", Quizzes, and Mid-terms in Law School

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"Participation", Quizzes, and Mid-terms in Law School

Postby Lawquacious » Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:52 pm

Do other students at T1 schools have these as grading criteria for some of their classes? Unlike many students going into law school who were concerned about having their whole grade determined by one final test for each class, I was kind of looking forward to that and felt I knew what to expect. Now, of my three substantive classes:

Class 1) "Participation" is 10% of the grade; a mid-term is 20% of the grade; final is 70%.

Class 2) Quizzes are 20% of the grade; Final is 80% but includes multiple choice.

Class 3) Sounds like it will be a traditional 100%-weighted final essay exam.

I want to know what people have experienced in terms of alternative grading schemes and strategies for staying sane when you have a teacher that takes one or more of these approaches to grading.

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Re: "Participation", Quizzes, and Mid-terms in Law School

Postby Eugenie Danglars » Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:18 pm

I'm not a law student, so I can't speak directly to law, but I live in China, were options 1 and 2 are the norm from kindergarten through university. The students who act all semester as though they are being graded on participation and theoretical pop quizzes do MUCH better on the exam than those who study only for the exam all term.

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