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Re: Another Emory 1L open to questions

Postby jamaicanjynx » Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:31 pm

forty-two wrote:How competitive are the students? Also, how vegetarian friendly is Atlanta?

Thanks in advance!

Not competitive imo. There's one section that everyone seems to think is competitive (not mine) but on a whole, ppl seem very laid back.

Very vegetarian friendly. There's a group of ppl from school that I eat out with on a monthly basis and 3 are vegetarian. It always works out well. Buford Highway has such a wide variety of cultural food places that you'll find something. Lebanese, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Bangladeshi, Greek, Japanese etc.

@gobucks It seems everybody is leaving CC next year. I can't believe how many problems they've had. And to think, the only reason I didn't live there was because I needed somewhere cheaper.

@simplyelle I like it this way. one by one would have killed me.

@chico I don't like not having windows in classrooms, but otherwise the campus is great. It's more modern than many campuses I visited. The best part for me is that we're so close to the main campus. I love the open and green spaces at the undergrad campus and I love having other places to study that are not filled by law students everyday, especially when memos are due or finals are near and we're all stressed.

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