Bar Exam Tutor (CA, GA, MD, NY, NJ, UBE and others)

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Bar Exam Tutor (CA, GA, MD, NY, NJ, UBE and others)

Postby Bar Exam Tutor » Fri Nov 23, 2018 4:22 pm

I am an experienced bar exam tutor and an attorney. I offer an individual, intensive, one-on-one bar review course for the Calbar exams of California,Georgia, Maryland, the Maryland Attorney's Exam, New Jersey, New York and the Uniform Bar Examination [UBE]. Please ask me about other jurisdictions. The course focuses upon the the written section/essays/MPT, although I do cover all subjected tested on the bar exam.

The course starts in November/December for the February bar and in May/June for the July Bar, which
concludes about a week prior to the bar exam. Unlike other cram courses, this term enables a careful and through review of all bar exam subjects, particularly for a working professional.

I also offer a class for the Maryland Attorney’s Exam. Interested candidates should contact me about that class for further details.

Each week I email a state-specific outline for a particular subject and former exam questions on that subject. The outlines specify the topics from each subject actually tested on the bar and the frequency with which they were tested. With this focused approach, a student is always learning law actually tested on the bar in order to pass, rather than learning the entire legal code.

The student reviews the materials, does the questions and returns the answers via email, for which I provide detailed diagnostic feedback via email, as well as additional questions as necessary in order to maximize exam performance. The online email format eliminates travel time and allows the student to do the homework at the time and place
best suited for the him or her, even with a busy work schedule. This approach worked for for the many attorneys and other professionals who took the class and passed the bar exam.

Rather than just memorizing materials, this active learning approach ensures all bar material is learned through actual practice. By the end of the class, a student will have done 40-50 or more practice questions. With this feedback-based method I can determine, evaluate and eliminate any issues in a student's exam approach.

I am an experienced tutor who has taught this class to many students since 2002 having passed the bar in four different jurisdictions, using this method and materials, which are updated to reflect new questions. I have also practiced many of the areas tested on the bar. My methods and instruction are proven, based upon actual experience and results. I offer this course with extremely affordable pricing.

Further information, including contact and enrollment details, can be found on my website:

I am also on LinkedIn at

I look forward to working with you. References and pricing available upon request.




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Re: Bar Exam Tutor (CA, GA, MD, NY, NJ, UBE and others)

Postby gurya123 » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:22 am

Hi, Texas Bar Group or Other Bar Exam Taker

Could you please add my email to study group? Please.
Thanks so much.


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Bar Exam Tutor CA GA MD NY NJ UBE and others

Postby BeJimmiebum » Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:36 am

Cheers to you too Arthur. You idea passes as very interesting to me. Why dont you work on it and then tell me of the results when you are done with everything..

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