Starting Law School in the Fall? Check out JD Advising’s Law School Prep Course!

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Starting Law School in the Fall? Check out JD Advising’s Law School Prep Course!

Postby JDAdvisingLLC » Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:03 pm

JD Advising’s Law School Prep Course Will Teach you These Essential Skills:

    - How law school differs from college
    - An overview of useful legal vocabulary
    - The two best resources that can save you time and anxiety throughout law school
    - How to speed-read cases
    - Tips on how to (and when to) brief cases
    - How to answer questions when you are “on call”
    - How to take notes during class
    - How to outline and learn your outlines
    - How to answer law school exam questions as well as key exam-taking strategies
    - How to prepare for your final exam all throughout the semester
    - How to create a law school study schedule (an in-depth guide)
    - How to cite cases
    - How to research (you will receive a LexisNexis ID so you can start researching when you sign up with us!)
    - Legal writing tips
    - Best of all: This course provides you with time-tested advice from a mentor who will answer your questions, guide you through law school and allay your law school fears.

The course consists of five sessions. You should expect to spend five hours per day on the course. (There are approximately 2-2.5 hours of instruction per session and two hours of homework per session.)

To read more about the course, head over to our page: or email us at

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