Chicago Law c/o 2020 Law Preview Scholarship Application Deadline (Extended)

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Chicago Law c/o 2020 Law Preview Scholarship Application Deadline (Extended)

Postby LawPreview » Mon May 15, 2017 2:09 pm

BARBRI Law Preview, together with University of Chicago and three BigLaw firms (Latham & Watkins, Wachtell Lipton and Winson & Strawn), have created an innovative partnership to improve the academic performance of law students during their 1L year. These firms have generously agreed to fund full scholarships for incoming Chicago Law students to attend a BARBRI Law Preview summer session so they can learn from the nation’s leading law school professors and attorney lecturers what to expect and how to excel in law school. Some firms also make further investments by mentoring scholarship recipients throughout their 1L year and hiring them into their 1L Summer Associate programs.

This partnership builds a bigger pipeline of successful law students for recruiting at Latham, Wachtell and Winston & Strawn. If you plan to attend one University of Chicago in the fall and meet the scholarship criteria, please click on the name of the law school below and complete the brief online application:

Learn more:

The entire application process takes about 2 mins and the online application form can be found here: ... ions/apply

Best of luck to you!

"Law Preview had an amazing impact on my education and social life — I felt prepared at the very beginning of the year and met my best friends during the week-long class. It covered every aspect of how law school is structured, how to strategically approach classes and exams, and how the legal job process works. While other new students were trying to figure out how to study and how to balance their time, I was already in a comfortable routine after Law Preview. As a true testament to the program’s efficacy, my friends and I (all former Law Preview students) obtained summer associate positions with various big law firms after our 1L year. This is usually very rare for first year law students, but Law Preview enabled us to start strong and plan ahead for opportunities that other students didn’t even know about. I’m so glad I took Law Preview’s class."
- Linda Q., Northwestern University School of Law, Class of 2019
(Latham & Watkins Scholarship Recipient)

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