Corporate Healthcare at a Chicago [Large Firm] (IL)

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Corporate Healthcare at a Chicago [Large Firm] (IL)

Postby LST Radio » Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:35 am

I Am The Law is the inaugural podcast produced by Law School Transparency for LST Radio.

Corporate Healthcare at a Chicago [Large Firm] (IL)

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This episode is presented by The United States Air Force Judge Advocate General's Corp.

At a large law firm, the hours, pay, exit opportunities, and desire to leave are among the tradeoffs associates continuously negotiate -- if you can get the job in the first place. In this episode, Holly Carnell, a 2009 graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Law, describes her challenge of getting a biglaw job from a non-elite law school.

Holly discusses her corporate healthcare practice in the Chicago office of McGuireWoods. Like associates at many large firms, she's seen her responsibilities evolve in her six years in practice. Holly tells how she learned on the job, but also how she developed one of her most important skills before ever going to law school. Her sales background helps her meet the firm's expectations that she build her brand and a book of business.

As a corporate healthcare attorney, she has a broad practice in the healthcare space. She spends a lot of time helping healthcare providers draft contracts, properly engage employees, and remain in compliance with the many applicable laws. Additionally, she does contracts and due diligence for private equity firms buying and selling healthcare companies. While the job may have been difficult to get, she's finding that excelling in the job has more to do with doing quality work, managing junior associates, and exercising good judgment than where she went to school.

This episode is hosted by Derek Tokaz, an academic writing teacher at American University. It is sponsored by Barbri Law Preview and

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Re: Corporate Healthcare at a Chicago [Large Firm] (IL)

Postby jenesaislaw » Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:46 pm

We should have a NYC biglaw episode within the next two months.

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