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NCBE - Former Employer

Postby Timmcmahon7 » Mon Mar 09, 2020 3:19 am

My question is how thorough is the NCBE about verification of some of these older jobs or volunteer positions I had to list? I was required to list all my employment, internships, and volunteer positions that I had over the last 10 years - which I did. I am kind of concerned about the NCBE reaching out to a few of these positions, not because of what the employer may say but because I don't believe they would remember me and could not verify my employment. I had a job from nearly a decade ago whereby the staff has completely turned over and, due to it being at a University, I am positive my records tossed - I have reached out to the University several times but have yet to get a response back from them. Another position was an unpaid internship from 10 years ago, and the staff is been turned over several times and I have not been able to keep in touch with the supervisor who was there. Same concern here with records - actually I don't even think any records of my existence there were ever made. And finally, I had a volunteer position in law school where the supervisor (who I lost contact with) has long since left and I know I was never required to fill out paper work. I have listed these concerns in my application and provided the NCBE with associates of mine for two of the three positions who would be able to verify my time at these positions even though the themselves never worked at these places (I have let the NCBE know exactly the nature of these contacts).

I applied for admission to North Dakota in January, and the website says motions can take anywhere from 4-7 months. I begin a new job in September and my pay is directly tied to bar admission. Does anyone have any experience dealing with issues similar to this? I have a clean record, outside of a few traffic tickets ...never been arrested, never fired, ect. I do not have any "red flags" with these positions, I am just concerned they may not be able to verify my employment there. I really do not want something stupid like this holding up my application. Btw my other employers have all responded promptly, and 4 of my 6 references have been contacted - I am not sure why the other 2 have not been contacted yet.

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