Bar Exam Logistics Surveys for a Better Tomorrow

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Bar Exam Logistics Surveys for a Better Tomorrow

Postby MelBNotScarySpice » Wed Aug 07, 2019 12:02 am

I noticed a number of questions in this group and other places online about the day-of logistics of the bar exam. Please consider helping future examinees (and those of us who will have to retake the exam :( ) out and share your experience!

For anyone looking for those sweet, sweet tips: scroll ⬇️


Because some people who have not yet taken the exam have also received good tips and advice from friends, colleagues, and mentors that is worth sharing, we have created TWO separate surveys- one for those who have actually taken the exam, and one for people who have not, but who have information they think is valuable.

  • I HAVE taken the bar exam and I’d like to share what I can: click here.
  • I HAVE NOT taken the bar exam, but I’ve heard some things: click here.

NOTE: This is NOT a space to discuss the test itself, its format, or any of the essays or questions. If you do that, your whole response will be deleted and I may have to shut this down- this could be a really nice thing, don’t mess it up for everyone else!

Why do this?

Because these are a few questions and comments that I’ve seen the past few weeks:

  • Are we allowed to bring coffee or Diet Coke in a clear plastic container?
  • My favorite thing about the Cityville testing center is that they gave us literal coordinates instead of an address
  • Are we allowed to bring socks in case our feet get cold?

To be clear: as crazy as these questions may sound without context, they are completely understandable in light of the authoritarian and confusing rules that bar associations have imposed on examinees.

The exam itself is hell enough- let’s do what we can to help each other out.


Want to see what people shared? Click here.
There are separate tabs for information submitted by those who have taken the exam and those who have not, but have gotten information from others.

Questions? Suggestions? Words of Admiration and Praise?

Comment below.

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