Anyone have a really solid MEE essay method/template?

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Anyone have a really solid MEE essay method/template?

Postby RioGrandeLaw » Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:28 pm

Has anyone developed a really good, step by step method for doing MEE essays? I don't mean just "issue spot and IRAC" I mean more the mechanics of the actual test and having a template or format.

I've been toying with various ideas:

-I had thought to take notes on scratch paper or the test book, but it seems like that might not be efficient. Given the ridiculous 30 min time constraint, every second counts. So my thought was maybe to type out the "notes" instead of writing them by hand (my handwriting sucks anyway) to create a sort of checklist.

Ex.: these would act as reminders/prompts to write out the rule statement for each of these notes. Because they're at the top of the screen, I don't have to look down at the scribbled-on page or try to decipher my handwriting on scratch paper:
--------------[top of screen]------------
Revoked when received
Expectation Damages

[-Type out each issue that I spot as headers, then fill in the RAC latter. Like:]
I. Was this a valid contract under the UCC?

II. When was the revocation effective?
I. The issue is what are the damages the merchant is due.

Then, like I said, fill in the rule, analysis, and conclusion. So essentially outlining the essay. Only write on the exam book to the extent necessary to circle facts (and maybe have a system for that? Circle facts, underline key issues, box around specific words to repeat???). Of course, the notes at the top can be deleted at the end of the 30 minutes.

If anyone has suggestions or a better method/template, please post it.

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