UBE Study Advice for Attorney Working Full Time

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UBE Study Advice for Attorney Working Full Time

Postby darkdaedra » Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:32 pm

My situation is somewhat unusual. I have taken and passed two previous bar exams (last one in 2015). I just took a job in New York at a big firm and am taking the UBE here in July. (Because my first bar was Louisiana, I'm not eligible to waive in until the end of next year.)

I'm a very good test taker and don't want to waste time studying, as my firm is not thrilled about me taking any time off to study. But I also don't want to risk failing.

I'm fairly sure I can get close to max scores on the MPT and MEE without much studying. Any sense of what kind of percentage I need on the MBE, assuming I hit, say, 90%+ on the other two sections?

Also, if anyone else has been in this kind of position taking a bar a few years in post-lateral, I'd appreciate any thoughts you have.

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Re: UBE Study Advice for Attorney Working Full Time

Postby SilvermanBarPrep » Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:43 pm

I'd recommend aiming for at least a 140 scaled score on the MBE. Granted, if you score as well as you're hoping to score on the other sections you could pass with a lower MBE score but none of that is guaranteed. Or in terms of percentage, as you're practicing, work towards getting about 70% of the practice questions in any given subject correct. That'll put you in a very good place!

~Sean (Silverman Bar Exam Tutoring)

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