Wisconsin Bar - Successful Preparation

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Wisconsin Bar - Successful Preparation

Postby cpjd » Thu Apr 04, 2019 12:19 pm

(Prologue: I passed by a comfortable margin, studied part-time (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb) for 2-4 hours a day 7 days a week.)

I realize that there are very few bar exam hopefuls in Wisconsin, given the whole diploma privilege deal, but... there are a few. When I was building my study collection, it was an absolute PITA to find recent, reliable information on how to prep, especially for those of us working full-time. As such, I thought I'd share the materials I used to prep for the exam. Hopefully, it will help some of the sad souls who are my future comrades in the quest for out of state Bar Admissions in Wisconsin.

Primary - Barmax UBE Course: - There is, as of this post, exactly one vendor who offers a Wisconsin specific course. However, I decided to live on the edge and went with Barmax's UBE course because a) they offer a 50% veteran's discount ($750 v. $1500), b) because I work and I needed a course that would support part-time study, and c) because they promised to find a used Wisconsin book to supplement their UBE material. Overall, I found Barmax to be an excellent prep tool (I often used their app to listen to subjects while driving), especially for the MBE. Alas, they dropped the ball on the used Wisconsin material, so I'd avoid them if you think that having a used book will be critical for your prepwork. I'm not sure what value the outline books they provide bring to the table (they were useless to me) but if you're into that sort of thing, they offer them. I think they also license actual MBE questions and have an archive of old UBE essays, which I ended up reading through in their entirety.

Also worth noting... if you plan on taking the UBE and Wisconsin both, Barmax offers lifetime access. I may suck it up and UBE next year... it's nice to know I 'll not have to pay twice for access to my prep material.

Secondary - Statutes & the WisBBE's Old Essay Pack - Not one to wait for someone else to provide, I purchased the old essays ($20) and outlined the statutes associated with the areas of law most likely to be tested. The essays were absolutely critical, as they touch on areas of Wisconsin specific law that the examiners have tested repeatedly. GET THE OLD ESSAYS. And, if you have time, review the Wisconsin specific points of law before the exam. I didn't end up finishing my outlines, but you're welcome to them if you want them. I've considered creating a WisBar-Wiki but alas, I have yet to do so.

Secondary - Wisconsin Chapter 20 (Attorney Conduct) - Given that Wisconsin does not require the MPRE and given that they provided not one, but two essays on ethics in the essay pack mentioned above, I would read this in its entirety. To be fair, I took the MPRE before I knew I'd be testing in Wisconsin, so I'd been through it. If you have not done the MPRE, I would also recommend taking one of the big three's free MPRE courses.

Secondary - Strategy & Tactics for the MBE - I actually started my MBE prep here, to get inside of the head of the people designing what are arguably some of the worst-designed multiple choice questions in the history of the universe.

Secondary - Emanuel, Uh... Manuals. - I used the "in a flash" series to both brush up on weak areas, and to 'learn' (and I use that term loosely) subjects that I did not cover in law school. Idiot that I am, I did not take evidence so... yeah. That was fun. I have a solid shelf of used Emanuel books, and I think they paid off beautifully.

Tertiary - Critical Pass Flash Cards - In all honesty, I more used these when I felt too lazy to properly study. Also, they're less hurty when you drop them on your face when you fall asleep studying. Useful, but not exceptionally so.

If you have questions or want my half-finished outlines, feel free to e-mail me at [my username] at pm [dot] me. You can send me a message here, too, I suppose, but this is the first time I've logged in in months.


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Re: Wisconsin Bar - Successful Preparation

Postby Clarkdee » Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:37 am

Hello I'm looking to study for the Wisconsin bar exam. I will be purchasing the old essays.
-How many essays did they have on the exam? Is the professional responsibility exam the only essay specific essay on the exam?
- Is it okay if you hand me some of the materials? If not I also understand.
- Will I be able to sit for the exam if I graduated from ans an approved law school? I read something about

I am from a different jurisdiction and there is not a lot out there for Wisconsin like there are others so any help is much appreciated. Thank you. :D

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