Disparity Between Adaptibar and PMBR Averages

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Disparity Between Adaptibar and PMBR Averages

Postby JTIII » Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:57 pm

Hi all - Retaker here. I'll be sitting for the Feb New York Bar. Was hoping to get some second opinions on my numbers, as I'm seeing a fairly significant disparity between Adaptibar and PMBR.

For context, I took Kaplan for July 2018. My MBE was my weak section, so I've been drilling questions in both Adaptibar and PMBR, the latter more so for specific topics and subtopics that I found myself tripping up on. I've answered about 800 questions in PMBR with an overall average of 68%. I recently took the PMBR simulated MBE and received a 71%.

However, with over 1000 questions completed on Adaptibar, I'm at only 60% overall. I'm aware that Adaptibar is feeding me tons of civ pro questions, which is pulling down my average. (Civ pro is my weakest subject.) My general experience is that the Adaptibar questions are much more nuanced, but I've seen others on this forum say the exact opposite. Not quite sure what to make of this.

Is anyone else experiencing something similar? If any of the pros on this forum have any thoughts on this, I'd greatly appreciate your insight.

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