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Passed PA Bar in July, studying for NJ to take in February while working

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:23 pm
by PhillyJD
Hey guys. I passed the Pennsylvania bar exam in July of 2018 after not being successful the first couple times. Since then I’ve gotten a job and been working in Philadelphia. When my results came back for Pennsylvania and I saw that I’d only just made it, I was frustrated because I’d been only working weekends while I studied and figured by dedicating so much time to it I’d be giving myself a lot of breathing room. My essays were actually pretty good overall, my lowest score was an 8 and that was only for one. The second lowest was a 10 and the rest were 13 and 14 or so. The MBE is what got me. I scored highly on crim law, con law, torts, and evidence. Scored around the middle for property. Contracts and civ pro I somehow missed the boat. To do the MBE I used adaptibar and the strategies and tactics of the MBE book, sixth edition. For essays, I used Barbri and just wrote a million practice essays and had someone look at them for me. My practice MBE right before the test was a 133/200 raw, including with good scores in those three subjects. When I do my MBE practice questions now, my scores haven’t declined much. But of course I started out putting extra focus on those three subjects and now I’m in better shape there. I’m about to start writing essays now. Any advice you can offer me, those of you who’ve taken both states? Any changes I should make in my approach? What differences should I know about?