PSA: If you're applying to DC...

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PSA: If you're applying to DC...

Postby b290 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:28 pm

As you may know, the (partial) federal government shutdown has closed the DC Committee of Admissions. At the moment, there's currently no guarantee that the exam will be administered next month. That's almost a thousand takers who don't know if they're taking an exam or if they're getting an extra 5 month study period. Outside of the possible exam (and the swear-in accommodation - see below), nothing's going on. No character and fitness, processing of applications, nor interviews. See which applies to you:

Taking the exam

Some states are now allowing applications. If nothing comes out by next week (which is the latest to realistically allow new applications), your options are either to wait it out (for DC) or apply. Plan accordingly:

Should you exercise that option, get ready to pay more $$$ though:

    Minnesota: (260) : $500/650 (not admitted elsewhere in the US) | $950/1050 (you're already an attorney)

    Missouri (260) : $910

    New Jersey (266) : $675

    New York (266) : $250/$350 (domestic applicants) | $750/850 (foreign applicants)

    Tennessee (270) : $575/675

Note that unless DC modifies its criteria (for this instance), regular waiver rules apply (i.e. 133+ MBE & passing score where you take the test).

For more reading: ... postponed/ ... ation.html

Passed, and you're good to go

If you're here, you probably know this already. Swearings-in have been postponed for a date TBD. You now can skip the future ceremony altogether:

"all successful candidates from the July 2018 bar exam who have already been certified [...] are still able to be sworn-in in absentia"

How to do that: ... ar_Ins.pdf

Fill out the form, get confirmation and you're pretty much done. You'll get your bar number later, but you're free to practice.

Passed, but not Certified (or Waiving into DC)

I don't want to say you're SOL at the moment but... Basically, wait until the shutdown is over. Nothing will be processed until that point. Also, even when the shutdown ends, expect a further delay due to the backlog (and the added applications with a successful Feb 2019 exam).

Places to Watch

DC Admin Committee: ... admissions

My $.02


Posts: 337
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Re: PSA: If you're applying to DC...

Postby b290 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:08 am

Apparently the shutdown's over...for 3 weeks.

My $.02

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