NY 3rd Dept Interview/Swearing-In January 2019

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NY 3rd Dept Interview/Swearing-In January 2019

Postby starkillerhg » Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:12 pm

Hey everyone! I’m scheduled to go to Albany for this month’s batch. I just have a few questions to those who were interviewed/sworn in already by the 3rd Department:

1. What kind of questions should we expect?
2. What stuff should I bring? Do I bring a printout of my registration receipt, or do they have that on file?
2. Have you heard any horror stories of people not getting sworn in after the interview?
3. Any good nearby restaurants to eat at after the ceremony?
4. For those who attended the large ceremonies, are they streamed on the website as well?
5. Is there coat check at The Egg?

If you have any other info or tips as well, they are much appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: NY 3rd Dept Interview/Swearing-In January 2019

Postby starkillerhg » Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:20 pm

:P So no one replied. LOL. I’ll answer the questions, in case other people are wondering.

1. Depends on the interviewer, but mine was just a casual conversation about plans after getting admitted.
2. You only need to bring yourself. I wasn’t even asked for an ID. Just give them your name and they’ll tell you which booth to go to for the interview.
3. I don’t think there was anyone who was denied admission after the interview. If they see any problem with your application, I think you’re given a chance to correct/explain before they schedule you.
4. There’s a foodcourt in the ESP and there are some restaurants that are only a few minutes walk from the venue but I can’t really say if they’re any good.
5. No coat check. LOL.


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Re: NY 3rd Dept Interview/Swearing-In January 2019

Postby aquagold11 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 6:16 am

Congrats on getting admitted! I was there too, and some info that I would like to add for future candidates is:

1) The wait to be interviewed can last quite a while! I waited for more than an hour and a half! They separate candidates into groups by the first letter of your last name. Then, they go through the list alphabetically. I would highly suggest bringing a small bottle of water and maybe headphones or a book. Some groups were chatty, but others weren't.

2) They didn't have enough seats for all the candidates at the actual call ceremony itself! So, get there early. If you get there and find that there aren't enough seats, just grab a chair from the attendees section and bring it down (a bunch of people ended up doing this).

3) After the interview, you get your Certificate of Good Standing. I highly suggest taking photos right after your interview if possible. The crowd for the photo area after the ceremony gets fairly large. Also, if you wait until after the ceremony to take photos, bring your certificate along! I was one of the people who had already packed mine in my suitcase and was stuck taking pictures with the program!

4) Sign up for the NY Bar Association after the ceremony so you're not stuck lugging the stuff they give you around prior to the ceremony.

5) I stayed at the Renaissance Albany and there was a flurry of people trying to check out right before the ceremony because they weren't letting people check out after the ceremony. If you can get 1:00 pm checkoit, this is all you need. The ceremony lasted about 35 minutes. If you take photos beforehand (right after your interview) you will have enough time to walk back to the hotel and change before checkout.


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Re: NY 3rd Dept Interview/Swearing-In January 2019

Postby fordham_636 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:26 pm

For all of you out there who submitted your application in November to early January, can you please provide any updates? For those of you still waiting, when did you submit your application? For those of you who have received your interview date, can you please provide details regarding the timeline (i.e., date when you submitted your application and when you received an e-mail indicating that your application had been processed and you were given an interview date)???

I am starting to get a lot of pressure at work to get admitted already, or at least provide some concrete updates or idea of when I'll be admitted. Unfortunately, the third department isn't providing any specific information. :(

Any help, feedback, or response would be greatly appreciated.

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