Texas Bar July 2019

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Texas Bar July 2019

Postby DepressedWorkerBee » Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:04 pm

I know it’s super early - but would appreciate any advice/insight anyone can offer!

Out-of-state law student taking the Texas Bar Exam in July 2019.

I’ve got my bar prep purchased (using Themis and Critical Pass Flashcards). I’ve got a really lazy/easy last semester and was trying to think of anything I can do to get a “head start” on prepping.

I was thinking since the Rules of Evidence/Procedure are slightly (or heavily - not really sure) different from what I learned - that maybe I’d spend my free time this semester maybe just going through the Themis reviews for those two subjects so when I actually start prepping this summer that I’m somewhat familiar with the differences.

Any other ideas/suggestions/funny jokes to keep my sanity would be appreciated!

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