FL Bar - Part A Only - Prep Materials?

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FL Bar - Part A Only - Prep Materials?

Postby PT20003 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:22 am

I’m taking my FL Bar (Part A only) in Feb 19. I’m transferring my MBE score from Feb 18 to FL, along with my MPRE. I need at least a 136 for Part A.

I’m looking to get some ideas on decent and inexpensive prep options for Part A only. Does anyone know of any ways to just buy the Part A / FL specific materials and questions? I don’t want to spend another 2-3k. I was thinking of emailing Barbri to see if I can negotiate something. I’m in public service so a full price Barbri course isn’t an option and work won’t pay for it.

I took my WA bar this Feb and did very well on the UBE. I used Themis (not a fan) along with Adaptibar. I have my outlines and the such for the UBE but they are useless for Part A.

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Re: FL Bar - Part A Only - Prep Materials?

Postby SilvermanBarPrep » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:58 am

I think you've got the right idea--reach out to the major companies--Barbri, Themis, Kaplan. I do know that this is becoming more common and I believe the companies have realized there is now a market for selling part A only material.

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Re: FL Bar - Part A Only - Prep Materials?

Postby Lramirez » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:03 pm

I just did this exact thing for the July bar. I transferred my MBE score and only sat for day one of Florida. I reached out to Barbri, and I was able to secure a deal. However, if I were to do it again, I would not have wasted that money. Florida posts all their essays online. I would order a Barbri book (mini conviser) as well as their practice book offline. I would recommend reading the conviser to get a basis for each topic and then write out essay after essay. Since you are transferring within 25 months of taking your last bar, you will be surprised at how much you remember. I also worked full time so just know it is manageable. Best of luck!

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