Deep Breaths

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Deep Breaths

Postby ubebarstudying » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:55 am

Hi all,

I know the exam is just around the corner, and a lot of people are second guessing themselves or the anxiety has hit full force, etc. I just want to put out some general points to remember and hopefully ease some anxiety.

1) The Minimum Competency Standard: you do not need to know or be scoring near perfect on the MBE or MEE or whatever portion worries you the most - you do not have to be perfect by ANY means, and if you have not already done so, maybe just take a couple hours and (if your state posts them) look at the questions from previous exams and the answers (note: at least in New York, they disclaim that they are model answers, but rather answers sufficient to pass) given; they are far, far, farrrrr from perfect, and if you believe it will lower your stress level prior to the exam seeing some less than impressive essay answers from passing candidates, I strongly suggest taking a peak.

2) Wherever you are, however far you have gotten, use the last of your time wisely; either target weak areas, or bolster your strong ones in the hope that you will build up a nice cushion. Do not use this last stretch of time to say, add a supplemental product because in reality, you should have already covered material you are concerned about and adding another take on the law at this point could be detrimental if the language of the two are not exact or you get rules confused.

3) Review as much as you can: this goes for your tough areas and your strong areas. If you have to, create a binder of practice exams and essays and go through, look at the calls of the question, the model responses, and pay attention to the fact pattern because you can very easily see a similar one on your exam - I think at this point a lot of people would agree that studying for 15 or more topics when you only know 7 that will definitely be tested (the MBE's/big 7 - and if you look at the February UBE, I believe 2 MEE's were fully on MBE topics, and last July there were 3 essays solely on MBE topics and a hybrid essay, meaning the MBE topics accounted for approximately 60% and something like 67.5%) [note - this information is all publicly available].
So review your practice exams and model answers, highlight, read it out loud, whatever works best for you.

Finally, apologies for my absence - life got in the way - but if mneumonics or memory devices are helpful to you, I have included some examples for torts/evidence/crim law here: ... -examples/ and I do have some others if there are things you are struggling with that I would be happy to help with if possible. For example, I don't believe I posted this on my website, but what intentional torts does transferred intent apply to? Well...after the gun charges, TI (rapper and transferred intent) uses a FIT BAT (alternatively, TI got a BIT FAT, but I didn't say it). To this day, I remember coming up with that device and that transferred intent for intentional torts applies to False Imprisonment; Trespass to Land; Battery; Assault; and Trespass to Chattels. NO IIED or conversion or any of that garbage. Just remember TI uses a FIT BAT or that a BIT FAT.

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