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Re: New York UBE Venue Email for Feb 2020

Postby QContinuum » Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:31 pm

lolabear727 wrote:How do we go about getting that info regarding the room blocks? Just calling BOLE?

IIRC, BOLE sent an email about a week after seat selection with links. You could probably also try calling nearby hotels and inquiring about the rate for bar examinees, and/or calling the local visitor's bureau. FWIW, BOLE's rates were significantly better than the rates I was able to obtain myself (with no awareness of any bar examinee rates) - even though I'd booked (cancellable) reservations far in advance.

Again, I don't know that I'd recommend 100% relying on BOLE to come through, but they seem to always do this and it would be very weird if they stopped doing it this time around.

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