The best materials and courses to study, and kill the MBE

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Re: The best materials and courses to study, and kill the MBE

Postby Neve » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:21 am

M_Law wrote:
justanotheruser wrote:I finished Emanuel S&T first and then moved over to Adaptibar. I did about 1900 questions for the Feb. '18 CA bar exam. Passed the test and, according to NCBE's score advisory, my MBE score was at least 150.

Curious if you were also using a commercial bar prep program on top of the other stuff?

I definitely am getting results from doing REAL questions in the Emanuel S&T with a combo of BarMax questions, which are mostly UBE I believe. I feel like BarBari has an overkill of videos and miscellaneous tasks that tend to consume too much time without consistent MBE practice questions. Thoughts?

Yes, I recommend doing a supplement like Adaptibar, Critical Pass, and Emanuel S&T, in addition to traditional bar course like Barbri or Kaplan. Now, my thoughts on bar courses is that they are all cookie cutter. The bar course is designed for the masses, not the individual student. Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis is not tailored to you. I didn't follow the course to a T - I find that most students vary it a bit to suit their own learning style/needs.

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