UBE for Foreign Trained Lawyer, US LLM

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UBE for Foreign Trained Lawyer, US LLM

Postby neem518 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:45 pm

I had my JD from overseas, and finished my LLM from Georgetown University in DC. I am now employed full-time as a corporate paralegal, and would like to get better chances at Legal/General Counsel positions. I’m not looking to practice in a particular state (I live in Florida and I’m aware I can’t sit for the Florida bar without additional JD credits). All I want is to be “licensed in any jurisdiction in the US.” I belong to the legal team in the company I work for, but in all likelihood will not be promoted from my paralegal position unless I am barred somewhere.

That said, I started the process to sit for the NY Bar. So, I submitted a Request for Evaluation with the NY Board of Law Examiners on 12/27/2017. The Board admonishes that it can take up to 6 months AFTER receipt of all required documents for them to make a determination of eligibility. My foreign law school is accredited according to the Board, so they expect less documents, but I still have no clue when the determination of my eligibility will be released.

Following are my questions -

1 - is NY my best bet to get licensed in the US?

2 - I’m shooting for February, 2019 exam only because I’m unsure when my eligibility will be released by the Board. Should I start my review now? Or there will be too many changes it doesn’t make much sense to start my review?

3 - Is it advisable to take the UBE first, and then deal with the NYLC/NYLE after passing the UBE? I was thinking of getting the NYLC/NYLE out of the way in the meantime, just because I’m not seeing the possibility of sitting for the UBE until February 2019.

4 - I work full-time, have kids, but I have family to help if I need to crunch. For those that are in the same boat, how many months have you allotted for the UBE? For the NYLC/NYLE?

Thank you all for your time!

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