Advice on essay (MPT & MEE) courses-UBE (DC Bar)

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Advice on essay (MPT & MEE) courses-UBE (DC Bar)

Postby freemark » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:46 pm

I am a repeat retaker and luckily passed MBE part of UBE (DC bar). Since it is a low pass of MBE, I have to improve more than 10 points in essays. I totally could not understand the standard of grading, as my essay total score is even lower. I did some research of the major bar review courses and found the following courses focusing on essay part. I feel I am a little lost by myself and I may need some professional guidance through the courses. I may also purchase some private tutoring hours. I know it is a big investment, but I really hope next Feb is my last bar exam. Curious if someone has some experience or knowledge of any of the following courses or other options. Thanks

-Babri: Essay Advantage Workshop $199 + additional tutoring hours (5 hours for $1,500)
-Marino: retaker course? $1495 (a waste of MBE part!)
-PIEPER: concertrated review? $1595 (a waste of MBE part!)
specialized essay review $325 for four MEE essays and two MPTs
-Kaplan: took Kaplan before, did not work out for me

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Re: Advice on essay (MPT & MEE) courses-UBE (DC Bar)

Postby Respondeat_Inferior » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:54 pm

If you're specifically looking for MEE help, BarMax sells graded exams independent of their bar review class. BarMax's graded essays are very reasonable if you buy 10. They're 30 bucks a pop normally, but they knock of $100 if you get 10 or more.

Additionally, you can purchase old MEE questions right from NCBE, I'm not sure how they're structured (by subject, etc.) but they're pretty cheap. There's also ... essay+exam which has pretty much everything you'd get out of the lectures, as long as you're not a visual learner.

I can't tell you anything about BarBri's similarly priced program, except that it's BarBri so I can't imagine you're getting 10 graded essays worth of stuff out of the $200 bucks they're asking.

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