Free Score, MBE and MEE/MPT analysis reports to failing examinees

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Free Score, MBE and MEE/MPT analysis reports to failing examinees

Postby JoeSeperac » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:10 pm

For the past 10 years I have been giving failing examinees free score and essay analyses. I have sent score analysis reports to over 4,000 examinees and essay analysis reports to over 600 examinees. These reports are comprehensive and insightful (basically built on 10 years of improvements). Anything you send me is treated confidentially. I regard this as a quid pro quo – the reports help you better understand what you did wrong while the data helps me better understand the exam.

If you have a UBE score report that breaks down your essay scores, I will send you a 12 page score report similar to the following sample:

This score report can help you on your next attempt because it will tell you exactly where you went wrong. For example, the above examinee needed a 266 to pass the February 2017 NY bar exam but scored a 232. His WORST exam item (based on how many UBE points away from passing) was MBE: Constitutional Law where the examinee was -7.9 UBE points away from passing. The next WORST exam item was MBE: Torts where the examinee was -6.5 UBE points away from passing. His next WORST exam item was MPT2: Brief (Facts/Conclusion) where the examinee was -4.8 UBE points away from passing. In contrast, the examinee was 1.8 UBE points above passing with MBE: Evidence.

The score report will also tell you your % correct on the MBE subjects. For example, in the above sample, the examinee had a %tile for Civil Procedure of 29.0, meaning the examinee scored better than only 29.0% of examinees nationwide on the 25 graded Civil Procedure MBE questions (out of about 23,000 February 2017 examinees). What these percentiles don't tell you are your raw scores (e.g. that you answered 14/25 of the Civil Procedure MBE questions correctly, meaning 56% correct for Civil Procedure). With this information, you can correlate your exam MBE scores to your practice MBE scores (e.g. if you were getting 70% correct on Civil Procedure questions in practice but 56% correct on the exam, you should find a better source of Civil Procedure MBE practice questions).

If you don't want to email me your score report, you can simply enter the info in an online form here:

If you complete the Primary Information and UBE Grading Sheet Information sections, I will send you the 9 page score report. If you also fill out the other sections, you will receive a 12 page score report that contains advice from similarly situated examinees who failed last July and then passed the following February.

All information submitted is always treated confidentially. The more information you give me, the better advice I can give you about what to do on your next attempt. I have looked at many failing examinee scores and tracked their outcomes so I can probably give you some useful advice.

If you are in a non-UBE state (e.g. California), while I can't send you a score report, I can give you a breakdown of your MBE subscores. In such cases, if you let me know your MBE subscores, I can tell you your % correct for each MBE subject. The form to submit this information is here:

For example, if your J17 Civ Pro %tile was 46.4, you probably answered 16/25 Civ Pro MBE questions correct (64% correct). With this % correct, you can compare how you did in practice versus the actual exam. For example if you were getting 40% correct on Civ Pro MBE practice questions but got 64% on the MBE, your Civ Pro outline/study materials were probably more helpful to your Civ Pro MBE score than the Civ Pro MBE practice questions you used, and so you should focus on those Civ Pro outlines/study materials on your next attempt while replacing the Civ Pro MBE practice questions with a better source of Civ Pro MBE practice questions. The stats aren't earth-shattering (not as useful as the 12 page score report) but they can definitely help you fine-tune your studies after you do a post-mortem of your failing attempt. For example, if you are from California, I can tell you how many MBE questions you were away from 1440 on the MBE.

Finally, if you have your essays and send them to me, I will give you a comprehensive report that enables you to see how your answers compared to others (e.g word counts, IRAC, Flesch-Kincaid grade level of writing, etc). So far over 600 examinees have sent me their essays and participated in this essay analysis. For example, for each essay/MPT, the analysis will report the top 20 words that the above average answers used that you did not or the top 15 words in the question that both above average answers used that you did not. Examinee essays are also compared to the highest scoring essay I received. For example, one comparison reports the top 10 words the best answer used that the examinee did not. The analysis report will statistically compare your MEE/MPT answers to other examinees and it will help show you if your MEE problems were due to issue spotting. A 12 page sample of this MEE/MPT report is here: ... alysis.pdf

Many examinees find this MEE/MPT Analysis Report very insightful and usually improve on their essays because of it. I explain everything in more detail here:

As I mentioned earlier, anything you send me is strictly confidential. Feel free to redact your name/etc if you are worried about giving me any personal info. I don't even care if you use a dummy email - I just need an email to email the report back to you. I've been doing these reports for over 10 years and you honestly won't get a better breakdown of your scores/essays from anywhere else – my analysis reports are light-years beyond what any bar review would give you. Please note that the reason score reports and essays are released by NY BOLE is so examinees can identify deficiencies in their performance. In a 1995 bill to bill to amend the Judiciary Law, the bill stated that it is in New York State's "best interest to insure that all bar applicants are given an equal opportunity to pass the NYS Bar Examination. Disclosure of past testing materials and applicant examinations allow prospective attorneys to become aware of testing subject matter and methodology so that otherwise qualified attorneys are not defeated in their attempts to pass the bar examination." A copy of the bill is here: ... w-1995.pdf

Put simply, failing examinees who don't make an effort to understand the methodologies behind the bar exam are only hurting themselves.


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Re: Free Score, MBE and MEE/MPT analysis reports to failing examinees

Postby ConfusedL1 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:19 pm

Just want to extend my support/appreciation for Joe. He's done a lot to help folks preparing for the bar, and his advice has been very useful!

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