July 2017 NY UBE Score Calculator

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July 2017 NY UBE Score Calculator

Postby JoeSeperac » Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:08 pm

The July 2017 NY UBE score calculator has been completed:

The calculator will accurately estimate a Total Score for the July 2017 New York UBE bar exam administration based on the scores you enter. You can use this calculator to double-check your scores and to test scoring scenarios. For the MEE and MPT, you would have earned a score of about 22 if you wrote nothing, a score of 47 if you wrote an exactly passing essay/MPT, and a score of 80-85 if your essay/MPT was one of the NYBOLE released above average answer exemplars. The default scores in the calculator are the average scores sent to me by failing examinees so far.

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