Barbri Not Paying Tutors - Possible Class Action

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Barbri Not Paying Tutors - Possible Class Action

Postby UBETutoring » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:45 pm

I am a bar exam tutor proud to say all my July 2017 tests save one retaker passed (97% collectively b/w Barbri and other companies among 30 students in total and 100% of f/t takers).

Barbri has not paid me (edit - *Barbri has paid for me for some of my hours), arguing a mathematical error occurred and a subsequent check would be issued). There were delays due to Harvey but correspondence dropped off in recent days. After 3.5 months, I have doubts this is true.

I doubt this has only happened to me, and assuming this has happened to most/every tutor, and we exceed 40, there are grounds for a class action as the claims are identical sans excuses given for delays (I got Harvey after-effects) whereas other tutors may have gotten a different excuse. If you've also tutored for Barbri, please PM me and perhaps we can all join together to right this situation, which will not only benefit us but also indirectly benefit all Barbri students, and by extension, the legal industry as a whole.

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