can i bring a fidget spinner into the bar exam

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Re: can i bring a fidget spinner into the bar exam

Postby turtles » Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:06 pm

I think I can provide some insight into this because I brought a fidget spinner into the California bar. At first the proctors told me that it was on the list of prohibited items, but I just told them I was going to go to the restroom and then when I got into a toilet stall (the line was really long so I had to wait like 10-15 minutes) I put the fidget spinner into my shoe. Then I walked back and told the proctor I threw away my fidget spinner but it was actually in my shoe. When I went inside the test room I started getting really nervous because I didn't really study community property but some of the people sitting next to me said that it was definitely going to be on the bar this year. When I opened my test booklet bam it was community property just like Murphy's Law, what ever can go wrong will go wrong. I started stomping my feet and groaning softly because I was so mad but I forgot that my fidget spinner was still in my shoe. Worst thing is it was one of those fidget spinners that make a sound when you press the button. My mom recorded a message on the fidget spinner that said "Good luck you can do it." So out of nowhere in the middle of the exam the proctors heard "good luck you can do it" coming out of my shoe. One of the proctors came over to me and asked me to take my shoes off but I said no. When he reached down to take my shoe off I kicked him in the eye and asked him if he had a foot fetish. Then all the proctors came and told me that I had to give them my ID so they could tell the NCBE and give me a Chapter 6 notice. I started running away really fast but one of the guys was even faster and he tackled me. Also when I was running my foot kept hitting the fidget spinner in my shoe so it kept having my mom's voice saying "good luck you can do it." When the police got there they took the fidget spinner out of my shoe and they pressed the button on purpose and everyone in the whole room started laughing at me. I was so pissed I started crying. Finally they took me into the police station and read me my Miranda rights but it didn't even matter because no one wanted to interrogate me I smelled so bad.

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