Which sites offer previous MEE questions?

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Which sites offer previous MEE questions?

Postby bluewin888 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:45 am

when will NY release 2017 FEb questions and model answers?


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Re: Which sites offer previous MEE questions?

Postby JoeSeperac » Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:51 pm

NYBOLE usually releases the February essays at the end of June.

For previous MEEs, NCBE has 2008-2012 MEEs with answers here:

I posted free MP3s of the F08 MEE here (good for forming different memory impressions while you commute/work out or if you are just tired of reading):

An added benefit to reviewing past MEE answers is that it should also help you on the MBE – I’ve found that some of the issues contained in the past MEE essays have been turned into MBE questions for the exam (especially with Civil Procedure).

If you want to buy the more recent MEEs, I licensed the MEE questions and created an MEE Study Module that is cheaper than buying the individual MEE exams on NCBE’s website ($99 versus $150 on NCBE’s website). Aside from getting all the MEEs from 1995 to Feb 2017 (45 exams) in a single word document, the information is edited and arranged in a certain way to make your MEE studying/practice more efficient. The module also has MP3s of the MEE questions/answers for the last 20 exams, an outline specifically designed to improve your MEE issue-spotting, a bank of graded MEEs, and other useful MEE materials/tools that aren’t available anywhere else. I explain everything (with samples) here:

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