How the !@$% do people memorize all the law necessary for essays?

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Re: How the !@$% do people memorize all the law necessary for essays?

Postby nrthwst4now » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:49 pm

JoeSeperac wrote:
Yugihoe wrote:So getting 110/175 or 63% is below the mean (which was about a 140 in July 2016). How much do you need to get on the MEE/MPT to pass then in an UBE jurisdiction? From other calculators I've seen floating around, One could get a 50th percentile mean score, and still pass with a 25th and 20th percentile scores on the MPT and MEE.

I don't have a calculator for this yet, To figure it out, just go to NCBE's website and look at the July 2016 statistics: ... tatistics/

The Written scaled score percentiles should match the MBE percentiles. So if passing is 270 and you have a 140 MBE, then you need 130 on the Written portion. A 130 in July 2016 reports a percentile of 8.7. Accordingly, add this 8.7 to every prior percentile (just paste it all into excel) to get a total of 28.1. This means if you scored a 130 on the MEE/MPT in July 2016, you did better than 28.1% of UBE examinees nationwide (while your MBE of 140 means you did better than 48.7% of all J16 examinees).

I know this is an old thread, but I am wondering how these stats have held up over the past few administrations?

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