MBE/MEE Real Property Modifications as of Feb '17

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MBE/MEE Real Property Modifications as of Feb '17

Postby j_syrinate » Wed May 03, 2017 7:54 pm

Hey Everyone,

My bar prep material for Barbri is from July 2015/February 2016 and does not contain the modifications for the MBE/MEE Real Property that I have listed below. Would anyone be willing to share their property study material/outline for just the modifications? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

New Real Property topics will include conflicts of law (I.D.4.);
property owners’ associations and common interest ownership communities (II.A.6.);
drafting, review, and negotiation of closing documents (V.B.3.);
and persons authorized to execute real estate documents (V.B.4.).

Minor modifications will include providing specific examples of rules affecting future interests (I.A.2.e.);
including security deposits in termination of tenancies (I.C.4.);
providing more detailed zoning topics (II.D.1.–3.);
and including as separate topics transfers of restrictive covenants (II.A.4.), transfers of easements, profits, and licenses (II.B.4.), and acceleration of loans before foreclosure (IV.E.2.).

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