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Sitting Idaho July 2017 (essays & PT only) three years after passing CA

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:07 pm
by Duralex
I took and passed the California Bar in July 2014 (first attempt). I'm not sure I want to be stuck here forever, and this is the last test for which I can transfer my MBE scores, so I've registered for the ID bar (with an eye towards reciprocity from ID to states like WA, OR, etc ...yes, I know about DC's score waiver and states you can hopscotch to from there, and I'm doing that, but most of the states I'd like to live in won't admit you on reciprocity from a jurisdiction you waived into).

My MBE score is at least a 150, that's all the NCBE is going to tell me (as I believe CA's rules still apply).

So, I will be sitting the MEE and MPT only. I'd appreciate any comments on how you'd go about review in my shoes. I still have my CA bar review materials, but they're getting a bit old and I know there are some substantive differences.