Waiting on third UBE NYC result, thinking about taking a different bar exam

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Waiting on third UBE NYC result, thinking about taking a different bar exam

Postby gladiator0flaw11 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:06 pm

I been thinking about how overrated it's been for me living in the outer borough of NYC with commuting and no quality of life. I also had to take care of a struggling single parent and three siblings while commuting through full time law school. I'm grate I managed to get at least something decent on my resume (1L SA, WH internship), but I'm becoming less tolerable to this lifestyle and I can't imagine finding motivation to pass a fourth time. Maybe it's because I don't really want to stay here despite having family here and some friends who are always busy anyway.

I've interviewed at a few gov. agencies and small firms, but I need a reset. Anyone else feeling this way? I began the application for the Florida bar exam and it's completely different requiring fingerprints, but I'm evaluating registering for July to give me an option to get out of here. I'm aware no bar loans are really given out to students too many years out of graduation so now being a year out, I'll have to work and study somehow. Just wanted some input on those in a similar situation with jurisdiction issues. Thank you

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