Instructions for the MBE


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Instructions for the MBE

Postby KirbyKager » Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:38 pm

Hey All,

Self Studier here. Hope studying is going well.

Does anyone know where I could find a link to the instructions for the MBE? On the NCBE site I saw instructions for the MEE but not the MBE, and a brief google search didn't get me anything.

Alternatively, one sample question said that for the MBE we are to assume we are in a partial contributory negligence jurisdiction. Are there any other major rules like these you think I should be aware of regarding the MBE?

Trying to maintain sanity,

Kirby K.


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Re: Instructions for the MBE

Postby Bluem_11 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:43 pm

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Re: Instructions for the MBE

Postby SilvermanBarPrep » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:11 pm

Just note, importantly, that the default rule is pure comparative rather than partial comparative negligence.

Sean (Silverman Bar Preparation)

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