Taking different jurisdiction's bar exam after failing bar

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Taking different jurisdiction's bar exam after failing bar

Postby psm11 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:19 am

Hey guys,

So in July I took and was unsuccessful on the CA bar exam. My job in CA, I guess, would be considered a JD advantage job (business affairs and having a JD is a requirement at the place I work but am thinking about giving CA another shot in July). I want to take PA as I have a ton of family and friends there as well as a job if I ever move back from CA. I am taking PA's exam in Feb. and wanted to get some advice. From what I read on here, when RETAKING a bar exam, the consensus seems to be not to waste time re-watching lectures and to start practicing MBE's, essays, and pts right away. Is that solid advice for taking another jurisdiction? My plan is to dive right into MBEs, essays, and PTs and was thinking about watching lectures for the PA specific stuff. Even though I didn't pass CA I think I have a pretty solid understating of BLL and am hoping it will come back to me once I begin studying for PA. Any advice from anyone who was or is in a similar situation would be appreciated. Thanks!

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