Feb 2016 Illinois Bar Exam

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Feb 2016 Illinois Bar Exam

Postby rvp20 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:12 pm

In celebration of Lincoln's birthday, thought I would start a thread predicting the essay topics for the February 2016 Illinois Bar Exam.

Based on no prior data/scientific analysis, but from talking to multiple friends who took the bar in different years, I am predicting: IL Civ Pro + Torts/Agency + Contracts/Equity. Yes I know this is five subjects not three, but I think the questions will be blended in somehow. Those seem like the favorite topics for Illinois AND they don't overlap with the Feb 2016 MEE predictions, which makes it more likely...I think.

Any thoughts or inputs?
Or does everybody already know what the topics are and am I preaching to the choir?

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