Tx Bar July 2015 takers - TODAY (6/15) IS DEADLINE TO INSTALL ExamSoft!!!

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Tx Bar July 2015 takers - TODAY (6/15) IS DEADLINE TO INSTALL ExamSoft!!!

Postby BVest » Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:09 pm

This has been discussed in the Texas thread, but is important enough to warrant its own thread.

TODAY (6/15) at midnight CDT is the deadline to install ExamSoft's SofTest software if you intend to take the bar on your laptop. To successfully meet the deadline, you must:

1. INSTALL AND REGISTER the software
2. TAKE AND SUBMIT the mock exam (if you merely install and register the software, you're still handwriting the exam in 6 weeks)

Here are the steps as I did them:

Log into ExamSoft website with BLE login info (sent to you via email on June 5)
Verify System Requirements
Pay for SofTest ($117 -- Confirmation email follows)
Register SofTest with BLE login info (Registration confirmation email + 4 Exam Download confirmation emails follow)
Take Practice Exam
Complete Exam, Upload Answer File, and get Greeen Screen (Answer File confirmation email, but it took like 10 minutes)

BTW, the first confirmation email I got went to spam on gmail (sender domain is examsoft.com).

Don't get stuck with hand cramps. Download and install it now if you haven't already.

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