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Re: Full-time worker bar review support group

Postby SpAcEmAn SpLiFF » Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:07 pm

Could use some advice...
In the end of June, my workload dropped from about 50 hrs per week to about 5 hrs per week. I don't have any work in the pipeline and I've spent the past week and a half just studying for the bar exam in the office. On the one hand, the extra time is helping with bar review. On the other hand, my billable hours are suffering really badly and I hadn't intended on taking off for another 10 days or so. What would you guys do? How proactive would you be about getting extra work?

I've let a couple partners in my firm know that I'm really light on work, but I haven't gone crazy hunting for it.

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Re: Full-time worker bar review support group

Postby cram1 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:28 am

What is everyone doing for this final week of bar review, particularly if you don't have time to take off from work? I'm still working 60 hours per week and won't see a day off until Monday, one day before the bar.

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