feeling guilty for watching barbri at 1.5x

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Re: feeling guilty for watching barbri at 1.5x

Postby My_name_is_jimmothy » Wed May 27, 2015 12:34 am

RaleighStClair wrote:
rinkrat19 wrote:
My_name_is_jimmothy wrote:
rinkrat19 wrote:
My_name_is_jimmothy wrote:The barbri lectures were the biggest waste of time during my prep. Not worth your time. Better to take those three hours and do practice essays.

Spending all your time practicing the section that's only worth 25% (in a lot of states) is pretty dumb.

How many points does your state give you for outlining?

I don't outline either. I listen to the lectures while coloring in my coloring book, and do MBE practice.

I'm not going to entirely ignore essays, but it's worth more to get good at the MBE. A good score on the MBE means you can basically write your essays in crayon and still pass.

Also, this made my day. 50% MBE/30% MEE/20% MPT in my state (WA). Kind of makes me not even want to start practicing essays yet, and just get the law down with MBE questions/flashcards, etc.

To me the Barbri lectures made me feel like I was doing something but honestly the things that made the difference were practice essays and MBEs. I think spending 5 hours writing essays and doing MBE's is more productive than 10 hours making outlines and watching lectures. Everyone is different I guess but I honestly didn't get much out of the lectures.

Danger Zone

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Re: feeling guilty for watching barbri at 1.5x

Postby Danger Zone » Thu May 28, 2015 10:34 pm

Got through Schechter at 2.0x, dude talks mad slow.


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Re: feeling guilty for watching barbri at 1.5x

Postby victortsoi » Thu May 28, 2015 11:01 pm

getting through epstein at 2.0 as well...

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