Barbri: choosing in-person vs. online

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Barbri: choosing in-person vs. online

Postby Gantor » Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:06 pm

I'm signed up for Barbri this summer and just wanted some insight on the flexibility of choosing in-person classes vs. online only. Right now, I'm signed up for the in-person class at my school's location, but if I find I don't need the in-person class to keep on schedule and study, I may want to just use the online materials (sped-up for efficiency's sake) and not waste my time sitting in a lecture hall. All things being equal, I'd prefer to just stay signed up for in-person classes so that I have the option open.

Is there any harm is keeping my location as "[My School]" and just skipping lectures if I find the online materials sufficient? Or is there some reason I should select "Online Only?" Specifically:

(1) Are there any special online materials I will only be able to access by selecting "Online Only?"
(2) Will I somehow anger the Barbri gods? (Is attendance actually taken at the in-person lectures? Would they even know that I'm not there?)
(3) Anything else I may be missing?


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