Illinois Bar Exam February 2015

Do you think you passed the Feb. 2015 IL bar exam?

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More likely than not.
I'm really not sure (it can go either way).
Probably not.
Ummm... Lets just say I've started studying for July 2015.
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Re: Illinois Bar Exam February 2015

Postby LawJunky » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:13 pm

Bigdoggetit wrote:People who scored 260 or below for july 2014 exam (considered one of the worst performing exams ever)= 18%

People who scored 260 or below for Feb. 2015 exam= 31%


The lower scores in February could be explained by the introduction of CivPro. It may be the case that, to make room for the 26 CivPro questions, the examiners dumped the easier questions from the original subjects, making the overall exam harder.

I have heard other students say they thought February's MBE was easier than July 2014. I disagreed all along. Guess I know the real story now.

Thanks for doing the research and posting this. Made my day. I took the exam in CA and will not know the results until May 15. It would make sense that the IL MBE scores are representative of CA, or anywhere else.

Thanks Again.


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Re: Illinois Bar Exam February 2015

Postby 2bars » Fri May 01, 2015 7:49 am

Congrats to those of you who passed IL and are now finished with the exam! I took a different state in Feb and will now turn my attention to IL for either July 2015 or Feb 2016. Would anyone be willing to share their IL prep materials with me? PM me if so. Thanks.

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