Kaplan Midterm Results/Thoughts

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Kaplan Midterm Results/Thoughts

Postby MichBar » Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:05 am

I decided to take it early today. I got a 119 and barely finished in time. Most of what you've read about the Kaplan Midterm is correct: Ridiculously long questions and only a handful of straight-forward easy questions. Very unpleasant experience, but I'm glad I got a baseline of where I am. I have heard to add 30-35 points to equate this to a realistic scaled score but they don't say that in the video. They just say that 115-120 is average and over a 100 means you're "on your way to reach your goals."

Anyone else take it yet? What did you guys think?

I really wish I could take a practice set that was in equal style or difficulty to the real thing. Even if this is harder and we're likely to do better in an actual test, I'd still like to know where I actually stand instead of taking this confidence-busting practice exams.


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Re: Kaplan Midterm Results/Thoughts

Postby bklynattorney » Thu Jan 22, 2015 12:40 am

When I took the midterm exam while preparing for NY July 2014, I think I scored a 120. My actual scaled score was a 137.5, below the national average. What saved me was a strong performance on the other parts of the exam. If you can do well on the MBE and are a decent legal analyst, then you're well on your way to passing; I have more than a few friends who failed the NY and other bar exams after performing well on the essays, but terribly (worse than I did) on the MBE.


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Re: Kaplan Midterm Results/Thoughts

Postby lawladylaw » Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:39 pm

I am going to take mine a week from today as scheduled. Right now, I'm making and reviewing one sheets for those topics and memorizing as much as I can. I'm worried about getting a low score and then becoming completely demoralized for the last few weeks. Ugh.


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Re: Kaplan Midterm Results/Thoughts

Postby Tomego » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:00 am

I took my midterm on the scheduled day, I think it was February 2? I just found this board today so it is nice to find some people that are in this with me. I got a 133 but I feel like that not a great place to be because my essays need so much improvement.

As for timing, I had about 45 minutes total leftover after completing both sections. One of my issues is reading the questions too fast but I feel like ~22 minutes too fast is not a terrible spot to be in. I've slowed down on the Qbank questions and have been doing better on those.

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