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Re: NYU 1L Taking Questions

Postby Renzo » Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:33 am

forza wrote:
Renzo wrote:
cosmopolitan wrote:Are most 1Ls on some sort of meal plan?

Yes. The plan is that 1/2 your meals come from Mammoun's and 1/2 come from Ben's Pizza.

I'm not actually sure that a meal plan is available, and if it is, you don't want it. It would require you walking 1/2 a mile or so every time you want to eat.

Mammoouuuuun's! $2.50 falafel, amirite? Hell yeah.

Between that, Ben's, the Dosa man, and Subway, I think I just might not die of hunger in NYC after all.

Subway? What's wrong with you? That shit is inedible. But amen to the Dosa man.

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