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Creating roots and getting a job in a new region

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:24 pm
by SidV101
Hey guys, I’m from Seattle and it looks like I’ll be attending school out of state (my local offers are atrocious and I don’t mind moving out of here). I’m hearing that it’s extremely difficult to get a job if I attend a school like WUSTL, Alabama or FSU because I have no local ties to those areas and I’d be competing against locals in a depressed legal market.

First of all, how much of an advantage is simply being a local? Given otherwise identical resumes, how much higher in class rank do you think I’d need to be to get a job over a local kid?

Second, how difficult is it to create ties in a new region? I feel like I’ve got a couple advantages in this regard. I’m a bit of a teacher’s pet so I think I could befriend professors and create connections that way. With Alabama, I did a campus visit and seem to naturally hit it off extremely well with the local students. If I, say, marry a girl from say Alabama and she has an uncle who practices law, is that a feasible way into the local market? What about just a good friend who’s from the area and knows people working in law?

Finally, how difficult would it be to get a job in state/local government in Tallahassee as a Seattle transplant? My mom works for the fed and I work for the fed so I feel like I’d be competitive for federal jobs, but I’m worried that getting into local/state government as a ‘foreigner’ would be more difficult than getting into a local legal job as a ‘foreigner’.

Re: Creating roots and getting a job in a new region

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:10 pm
by SidV101
Also, if you think getting a job in a new region would be unduly difficult, do you think I should instead try to get a job back in Seattle? Spend both summers interning and networking back home?