Job options in FDA Law or IP Law in Pharma

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Job options in FDA Law or IP Law in Pharma

Postby 14321 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:08 pm

I'm hoping some of you might have information or resources in this area. Job postings and descriptions at law firms seem to be pretty vague, and I'm not sure what the ideal pathway would be to get there. I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for when choosing a school (other than it being a T14).

To give you some background, I have 1 year left in my PharmD program, and I've been studying for the July LSAT, so no official score yet. I'm doing my PharmD at a top school that also happens to be a T14. Outside of traditional pharmacy, I am a former NIH grant recipient, USP and FDA intern (in science, nothing law related). I obtained a bachelor's with a double-STEM major, so I am eligible to take the patent bar. I've gone through these forums and I've been reading that pharma is interested in PhD's, but I haven't found much information on PharmD/JD career options, probably because there aren't as many. I wouldn't want to try going to IP only to be barred for career options for my lack of a PhD.

Thank you!

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