Starting LS in Fall. Run for class President?

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Starting LS in Fall. Run for class President?

Postby JohnnieNguyen4 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:45 am

Biggest intimidation I have about starting law school is what my short-term goals should be. I feel like I’m going into law school not knowing what to do. I know my long term goals should be working at a big law firm. Colorado, where I live, has this amazing Diversity Pledge where all teh big firms commit to takin diverse 1L summer associates. I guess that should be my goal for now, right?

In the meantime, aside from good grades, what should I be doing to help me become more competitive when I apply for the 1L summer associate positions? A bunch of 1Ls will be applying for them I’m sure, so, how can I differentiate myself? I feel like there isn’t much to do in your 1L year to put on your resume other than the experience prior.

Should I run for class President? Should I network with the lawyers at those firms already? Should I compete in mock trial competitions? What should I be doing?


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Re: Starting LS in Fall. Run for class President?

Postby anonymous117 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:39 pm

Grades should be your main focus, without a doubt. That’s it. Being at the top of your class will be more important for big law than anything else (plus law review, which is also contingent on grades). You haven’t provided info about your school, so it’s hard to really say much else. Just get involved in a few things you’re interested in to have something on your resume, but don’t overcommit yourself.


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Re: Starting LS in Fall. Run for class President?

Postby dogger » Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:59 pm

It's grades and your ability to be a good interviewer and show writing ability. If you have work experience, that's largely covered. If not, then extracurriculars help, whether undergrad or law school.

There is no magical position to make you better than others. Just be a good student and do cool stuff. You're getting a bit ahead of yourself. Also, I'm not sure a 1L could realistically win such an election (but lower positions exist). There are also a number of clubs with good 1L openings. Just do some of those, and you'll be good. No positon in particular will make or break you.

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