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How to write a legal memorandum

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:47 pm
by Nunuboy1994
Hey everyone,

So I am taking an undergraduate legal research and writing class; the class is graded on only two papers: a legal memorandum and a research paper. I am currently working on the first assignment, the legal memorandum, and desperately need feedback and help. The assignment asks us to pretend we are working at a housing law firm and write a memo in response to HUD's recent announcement on screening and rejecting tenants on the basis of prior convictions. From my understanding, HUD had previously published an interpretation that said it was not okay to screen and reject applicants on the basis of prior convictions. Now, HUD' is basically saying that screening and rejecting applicants on the basis of prior convictions is fine. I see basically three issues in this case: 1. whether not HUD's recent announcement actually constitutes a legitimate agency interpretation, 2. if that recent announcement is considered an interpretation by the courts it would still fail the Chevron two-step. 3. The interpretation would still not be given skidmore deference by courts. I have not written the issues down like that exactly but those are basically what they are. My professor is saying my issues and the way they are written on my actual memo are good but my analysis is severely lacking. Can someone help me? Also I've recently read some forums on here about Chevron and Skidmore and saw that there is a step "0" in Chevron? Should I bring in Mead then? What should a good analysis look like? ... e3hZ0/edit

I've also opened up my document for comments.

Re: How to write a legal memorandum

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:11 pm
by TLSModBot
When Nony said "you can't solicit for homework help here," she meant all of TLS.

Stop. It.