Post Grad Job Search and Bar Prep

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Post Grad Job Search and Bar Prep

Postby Animal_Activist » Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:28 am

I have several questions that I hope I can receive quality advice on.

Here is where I stand with my academic achievements and legal experience:

1. Graduating with slightly over the 3.0 gpa but just missing the top 50% at a tier 2 law school in the Pacific Northwest.
2. 2 Public Sector Internships and 1 Natural Resource Law Internship through a clinic.
3. Member of a campus student group on sustainability.


1. In Los Angeles or in California in general, what jobs would I have a high likelihood of getting based on my grades and experience alone? (I can even work at the low end and work my way up so it does not have to be big law or even mid sized)

2.What would be the most logical and best strategy moving forward in terms of taking the bar exam and looking for jobs? (Take the CA bar in July and then accept a job or look for jobs and go into one while studying for the July 2017 bar).

I would greatly appreciate anyone's input. I know realistically my resume is not strong enough to land me anything on its own and that I need to put in a lot of effort, possibly attending countless networking events. But I know I am not doomed as many others with weaker resumes have landed positions as well. I would like to know the best way to go about this process if you were in my shoes.

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