A purchase of a bad software for an online forum site

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A purchase of a bad software for an online forum site

Postby total21 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:45 am

I know that this is not the best site for that, but maybe possibly I can get some info anyway. I am a person from Europe and I filled a small claims case in a US court (California). I did this because I purchased an online forum software which was promised with free support and when it broke the situation was not resolved by the support representatives (regular rep, supervisor). I was also getting bad info from the supervisor after about two months of dealing with that, like for example he told me that the reason for this is A and this was not true, or he told me that we cant continue before you install everything on A or B (which took some work), and when I installed it on A, he said, no I said B is what is needed here, I've never asked you to do the A (not true).

The case was started around 8 months ago and I was able to get a permission for appearing by a written declaration only. It is a big Internet company, so it is their lawyer, small claims judge and me. I would like to ask what areas of the law would be related to that, where can I find them on the Internet and what could be a good "framework" / "line of attack" for preparing something like that. I would like to make it as good and as professional as I possibly can. I am trying to recover around $930, $250 is the price of the forum script, additional costs are graphic designs, which were used for the site.

I already stated in the paperwork that the promise of Free Support was the very first thing that I saw during the purchasing process and that I agreed to any further terms and conditions after that (they exclude the responsibility for additional costs within there). But my line is - I was confident that any problem will be resolved based on this promised, so I invested some more money in the site, and again, before agreeing to these terms, the promise of Free Support was first. So something like Consumer Rights, Consumer Protection, Breach of Agreement, things like this. If I could get some keywords it would be good, and I can go from there further by myself. And again, also link or links to sites with these laws, the ones that can be pertaining to this case.

If there is a way to get free legal advice over the phone, I could use that too. Are the laws related to this situation all the same in all the USA states, or every state is different and I only need the CA laws for that (the company is based there)?


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Re: A purchase of a bad software for an online forum site

Postby TLSModBot » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:51 am

This isn't a site for giving legal advice to people. Our only advice is that you talk to a lawyer, not an online collection of people that largely includes law school applicants, students, and non-lawyers.

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