will incident preclude admission to bar?

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will incident preclude admission to bar?

Postby lawapplicant2017 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:45 pm

Last night, I saw another individual post a similar question and thread as a relates to a complaint and C and F.

I don't have a misdemeanor/dui/dwi/felony/or any misconduct issues with the exception of: (bear with me on this ridiculous quandary)

A few years ago my sister and I got into a verbal argument at her house. She called 911 (no, there was nothing physical occurring) just sister drama. Then she hung up the phone. I tried to call someone, and she disconnected it. If 911 attempted to call back they wouldn't be able to, which is why they showed up at the house.

The police came. Sister opened the door and said I was "out of control". They talked to me and her, asked me what happened. If I had harmed myself or if there was anything physical between us. We both conveyed that we were arguing loudly. They didn't fine or cite us. Just said keep it down next time and left. But, like the other post last night, they took our name and address.

My understanding is that since nothing occurred there is no record. And this would not and hasn't shown up on any pre-employment screenings. Thought, I heard that if you were to apply for home health care licensure they could probably view this. This made me wonder about the bar exam and character and fitness:

(1) are there any C and F questions that you would have to divulge this on?
(2) this wouldn't preclude one from taking the LSAT, applying to law school or sitting for the bar?
(3) How bad would this look to admission committees - that no, there really wasn't a problem but shows we were irresponsible?


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Postby runinthefront » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:50 pm

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